Tex and Anita Turton have always recognised the need to keep our senior citizens from our two villages within our communities. 

They have always believed that:

  • The elders amongst us have so much to share
  • So much knowledge that we can encompass in our daily lives
  • So much love and compassion that we can enjoy
  • So much wisdom and faith that we can embrace

It is with this in mind, when they moved into the village after 35 years on the farm, they saw the need to start Khanyeni Assisted Living Facility. The home is a “gentleman’s residence”, that offers gracious living in unsurpassed surroundings.


Our very capable house keeper Penny Garland has spent many years in the hospitality and tourism industry, she is more than qualified to carry out her duties in ensuring that the home is kept in its gracious state, and that well planned dietary requirements are always adhered to. She ensures that fresh flowers from the magnificent garden are always put into the home. Our fully trained carers are headed up by Namuso Ngubo, they have been trained by the Elder Care Foundation and ensure that all the caring needs of our residents are met at all times. Khanyeni has three day carers as well as two night carers on duty at all times. Their pleasant natures and disposition ensures that there is always a smile on everyone faces.


Khanyeni also employs the services of a fully qualified nursing sister who ensures that the residents are looked after at all times, she is responsible for their health and wellness. Khanyeni is also contracted to Berg Medical for their back up facility, as well as to our resident doctor and Riverview medical facility.