Khanyeni is a very happy home. I am very content and spoilt. Very peaceful surroundings. The carers are very dedicated to my needs. 




Khanyeni is like being at home, very comfortable, relaxing and friendly. The gardens are beautiful and the view outstanding. It is a quite country home to live in. 



Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would land up in Khanyeni!! But some things happen beyond our control, and here I am in an old age boarding school with all its irritations. And unless Heaven isn't anything like this I would rather stay here. I could not have better nursing, loving carers and spiritual up liftment. My dog Poppy, and I are brimful with happiness!!! Thank you Khanyeni. 




Khanyeni, it is wonderful to be able to live here. Having had to use carers in my cottage for two years, being a widow, now I have no domestic affairs. Under a reasonable discipline living is simplified. Meals are nourishing, carefully monitored for individuals and well presented. The main room in which I live is light and airy. The view from my windows and through the front door sees a wild sky, the mountains, the grass fields, a dam and finally a beautiful garden and lawn.